The resistance band has 5 different resistance levels,

including black 30 lb, green 20 lb, blue 15 lb, red 25 lb & yellow 10 lb. This strap can be used alone or stacked in any combination to achieve the best resistance of up to 100 lbs. .


Personal Home Fitness- The resistance band set includes five exercise bands, a door anchor, two buffer handles, and a suitcase, allowing you to perform the most extensive resistance training exercises at home.

Full Body Exercise - The resistance band suit is designed to provide you with any powerful exercise you want for your whole body. It can help you shape the core, use natural gravity and body weight to shape your body, and get extraordinary results.

Fat burning and muscle building - Our strength training resistance band brings you the convenience of an expensive gym and the benefits of an affordable home exercise equipment set, allowing you to exercise your muscles and burn fat for your whole body or specific muscle groups , Improve flexibility, and look like the way you want!

High quality - The resistance band will not dry out, snap or deform. Strong wear resistance and perfect elasticity, sturdy hooks and metal carabiner rings will completely release your worry about sudden snaps.


11pcs 100 LBS Gym Set- Use at Home / Office Exercise Fitness Resistance Band Set

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