FocusTabz improves three essential functions. It increases the body's mobility to improve focus & memory, heightens mental processing and supports mental clarity. FocusTabz greatly improves your cognitive abilities also. To ensure you have full control and motivation of the task at hand. Not only will this product assist in helping you reach your mental goals of having a more focused mind and sharper mental processing but you will find that you also have and energy boost through out the day.


The ingredients are clinically tested all over the world to be effective in enhancing neurologic wellness.

There is a blend of ingredients, each clinically or scientifically shown to help boost memory and raise cognitive wellness.

EFFECTIVE INGREDIENTS target our specific pathways to enhance neurological function and boost neuroprotective properties.

DECREASE ANXIETY & BRAIN FOG and help increase productivity, clarity, and emotional health.

IMPROVE MEMORY & FOCUS with the aid of natural ginseng root extract in our formula.