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June 16, 2017

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REMTabz Review

June 14, 2016

 What Are Remtabz?


Some sleep aids are designed to help you fall asleep and others to help you stay asleep. REMTabz is designed to promote both. REMTabz is an advanced and specifically engineered sleeping aid and supplement that has been designed to provide maximum effect without any negative or dangerous side effects that plaque the common prescription sleeping medications. It uses a proprietary blend of safe, legal and over the counter available ingredients to help induce proper and sound sleep cycles and correct a number of sleeping problems commonly found in our society today. It uses a variety of mechanisms to help promote proper and healthy sleep cycle and functions and Remtabz is quickly becoming a popular natural alternative to Ambien, lunesta, Xanax and other common sleeping pills for the treatment of insomnia and other sleeping disorders.


Why REMTabz?


Doctors use two main types of medications to help their patients improve their sleep:

  • Anxiety/Stress Reducers

  • GABA/Neurotransmitter Regulators

Unfortunately both types of those medications have massive side effects, and often aren’t helpful in both helping you get to sleep AND staying asleep.


REMTabz (Diazaclone) is a true designer nutritional sleep supplement that combines the best attributes of Stress/Anxiety Relief and a thorough sleep aid formula. REMTabz is designed to produce the sleep aid effects of both types of sleep medications without the drugs. The ingredients contained in this sleep aid have clinically been shown to decrease the amount of time it takes to fall asleep and allow you to get more quality rest. They also have demonstrated properties that exhibit the ability to stimulate the production of Alpha & Delta brain waves creating a state of deep relaxation for all stages of REM sleep (N1, N2 & N3). Developed through years of research, REMTabz is a unique balance of science & nature to help deliver night after night of consistent deep sleep. REMTabz is designed to help you fall asleep and stay asleep without leaving you feeling drowsy the next day.


What is Diazaclone? 


This product under the proprietary blend of safe and effective ingredients they have dubbed ‘Diazaclone’ It is a strong yet safe and effective mix of proven active ingredients shown to act safely and quickly on the brain and your bodies chemistry to provide truly restorative and efficient sleeping patterns.




Super effective compared to popular over the counter supplements like Melatonin A combination of stress, anxiety and other poor work and school habits has kept me with sleeping problems for the last 5 years. I have tried just about every natural and holistic approach not wanting to try medications (I have heart troubles and an addictive tendency as it is for pills like Xanax and Ambien). The go to was the standard Melatonin 5mg quick dissolves that seem to work for most normal people, but I was still having quite a bit of troubles with that too.


I tried Remtabz vs melatonin because I was looking for something a bit more potent and that worked in more than one way. I had a particularly stressful period with work and the bad breakup with a former lover and the sleep problems were just compounding and getting worse each night.

This product worked really well and was noticeably more potent and effective than just the melatonin approach alone. I have tried other over the counter natural sleeping aids before and I would say that this ranked right up there in terms of strength but the really nice thing is it didn’t leave me feeling groggy and like a zombie the next morning for hours until the coffee kicked in. This was vital for my job and studies and just getting back into a normalish style of life again, would definitely recommend it to everyone that has tried the 1st line diet, nutrition and exercise regimes related to regular and normal sleeping.” by Jimmy Schmeical


Amazing Ambien Alternative I’ve been taking Ambien off and on to help me with my sleeping problems. I find the 5 mg dosage works just find for me. I don’t like how it isn’t available for long term use though, as I find after I’m taken off of it my sleep troubles come back again after not very long. I began trying different over the counter sleeping pills to see if I could take them instead. I figured since I could sleep with the lowest dose of Ambien, I might be able to find an Ambien alternative that maybe isn’t at strong, but still works and can be used for longer periods. I did some research online and decided to buy RemTabz to try it out. I have to say I’m pretty impressed with how well it has worked for me. It gets me right to sleep and doesn’t give me any of the issues with grogginess the next day that I could experience occasionally with Ambien. It’s cheaper too. Overall, I’d definitely recommend it. I’m going to stick with it myself!”
by Steve Jorgenson 


Great Results with Remtabz Sleep Aid As a member of the staff at Top OTC Alternatives, I get exposed to a lot of different drugs and supplements. We are all quick to test new products out, but only if we have the problem the product is trying to remedy. This sleep aid is the first one I have tried and reviewed for the team here. I have sleep issues and have actually taken Ambien for a couple weeks before when my doctor prescribed it. When I saw an over the counter sleeping pill, I was actually pretty excited to try it. There are lots of homeopathic remedies for insomnia… Problem is none of them work; even stuff like Benadryl and melatonin don’t really work for me. Ambien, on the other hand, had me sleeping like a baby.

My first night trying RemTabz was awesome. I took it similarly to how I took Ambien, about a half hour before I went to bed. When I finally lay down, I felt extremely relaxed. My head wasn’t buzzing a mile a minute like it so often did. I was sleeping probably within five of my head hitting the pillow. As for my sleep, it was amazing. I’m not even sure if I moved at all throughout the night. No tossing and turning or waking up and checking the clock at all. When I finally awoke to my alarm going off, I felt well-rested without any of the effects like drowsiness or disorientation that some medications can cause.
For the rest of the week that I took RemTabz I had similar experiences. I now don’t take it daily, but I still do use it. I’m really glad I was able to guinea pig this one for the team, it was mutually beneficial for us and I would strongly recommend anyone out there tired of trying over the counter sleeping pills that don’t do anything to give this one a shot.”
by Top OTC Alternatives Team 


RemTabz does the trick and makes my sleep tick.” By warren schwab