FocusTabz the replacement for discontinued popular Addtabz

Nutraship was one of the first resellers of Addtabz over 10 years ago. Nutraship started out on eBay as a distributor for Lexium International back in 2010. Nutraship quickly became a Top Rated Seller and power seller on eBay, selling at the time very popular Addtabz, Phentabz and Remtabz. Nutraship then ventured onto the Amazon platform where all three products really took off doing 300 to 500 sales a month respectfully on just Amazon alone! Nutraship then ventured onto other selling platforms like Bonanza which had decent success. In 2012 Nutraship then decided to open up and e-commerce website on the Wix website platform where it still stands today 9 years later delivering orders to loyal repeat customers monthly. Fast Forward to 2021 where lots of changes have taken place. The pandemic took a strong hold on many companies. Unfortunately the popular Lexium brand had gone out of business causing lots of panic in the supplement world as people became very accustomed to these particular products. This is where FocusTabz was developed and really stepped up its game and became a real competitor to the very popular Addtabz brand. In 2019 was born along with in 2021, giving customers many options when making their supplements purchase. Now today these two sites are fairly new to the internet. Which means a lot of people don’t know these sites are available to make your nootropics purchase or your dietary supplement purchase. Both and websites are open and ready for business. Give these sites a visit and maybe tell friends and family who may be in need of these particular products. If you like this blog give it a like!

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